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How nice, for you to have stopped by! I know from many conversations with my patients who had often gone through a medical odyssey prior to coming to me: it isn’t very easy finding a really good physician. Someone who is competent, who advises you honestly and treats you with the newest medical findings. Someone you can trust wholeheartedly.

In my practice I help people successfully who suffer from a number of different skin conditions, and who would like to have healthy, beautiful skin.

I also offer my help to those who wish to look younger and more attractive.  A longing which I can utterly understand. An attractive appearance is synonymous for a dynamic, successful person - professionally as well as privately.

Nobody has to live with blemished skin, loss of hair, eczema or other types of skin diseases. And nobody has to think while looking into the mirror: “I hate these wrinkles! They make me look older” or “My lips are too narrow… and the corners of my mouth hang down making me look grouchy…” Today’s esthetic medicine offers a variety of possibilities, making you feel more than at ease in - and with your skin again.

Naturally, I am aware that men have their own skin problems and beauty concerns. They also suffer from loss of hair, dry and inflamed skin or red veins. Even if they – and you maybe as well? – might not want to always admit it. For this reason it makes me happy that more and more men are paying attention to their health and appearance. Because firm, clear skin, youthful curves and a full head of hair make you look just as efficient as your younger colleagues.

I offer special treatment and therapies for men with skin conditions and beauty concerns which are aimed at their specific needs using the Medical-Beauty-for-Men-Systems. 100 percent discretion is guaranteed. Your trust and satisfaction is my responsibility.

Are you curious? I am looking forward to meeting you!

Now you might be wondering, how far Penzberg - where my practice is located – is from Munich? Not even 30 minutes! Precisely, only the length of two news reports back to back (you can listen to the news on the way on the radio).

Dr. med. Stefanie Feldmann
Practice for Dermatology
Karlstraße 9
82377 Penzberg
Tel. +49 (0) 88 56 30 65
Fax. +49 (0) 88 56 93 44 66


Professional Society of German Dermatologists (BVDD). 
German Dermatological Society(DDG)
German Society for Mesotherapy (DGM)
German Association for Dermatological Surgery (DGDC)
Psoriasis Pratice Network South West e.V. 


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