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You don’t have to look far, to find all the information you need about my dermatological practice – naturally we are at your service in all digital media. One click – and you can find out with which modern treatment methods I help my patients cope with their skin and hair problems. One click – and I will tell you what I can do for you to look younger and more attractive.

You are only one click away from healthy, beautiful and firm skin and shiny, full hair. I am looking forward to welcoming you in my practice.

Automated Total Body Mapping and dermoscopy


Many melanomas develop on healthy skin and not from a pre-existing nevus. For this reason, in our skin cancer examinations with FotoFinder bodystudio ATBM we not only examine individual nevi, but monitor the entire skin surface.

Thanks to the combination of digital dermoscopy and Total Body Mapping, we are able to offer an optimal screening package, for double safety. Documenting the entire skin surface with this new and fully automated procedure only takes a few minutes! At the same time, the examination is completely pain-free.

The Bodyscan automatically compares the current images with those from the previous examination and visualizes changes at a glance.

As patients, you are able to watch the image comparison live on the computer screen.

Ultherapy – Gentle ultrasound treatment instead of lifting


The new Hollywood-lifting is now an important topic in the media as well. Many glossy magazines – like ELLE, MADAME and the VOGUE – are reporting about Ultherapy.

This non-invasive treatment works with bundled ultrasound which reaches into the deeper layers of the skin. With the big advantage of not damaging the tissue.

If you would like to inform yourself about Ultherapy this rejuvenation-treatment or schedule an appointment – I am gladly available for your needs!

Süddeutsche Zeitung | Juli 2015 
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Gala | Nr. 18 | April 28th 2016 
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The Hollywood Lifting

Ultrasound instead of surgery

When I first heard of the new ultherapy lifting which is highly acclaimed in the US, I was a little hesitant. Hm…wrinkle-free, firm skin in the face, neck and cleavage is often promised by many different therapy methods. I only offer my patients treatments that I can recommend 100 percent, treatments, that have truly convinced me.

Surely, I was curious as to what ultherapy has to offer and so I dealt with the method extensively. This rejuvenating method is based on a special ultrasound treatment, in which the skin practically helps itself by firming and tightening the tissue. The procedure works its way into the deepest layers of the skin without, and this is especially important, damaging the surface of the skin. After I gained comprehensive knowledge about this procedure, and spoke to many specialists and patients, I am convinced that ultherapy is the ideal solution for everyone who would like to have firm, wrinkle-free skin but don’t want to go through surgery.

By the way: An important decision-making factor in offering ultherapy to my patients was, this lifting method is recognized by the highly respected American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and in addition to that this treatment also won the New Beauty Product Winner Award.


perfect for psoriatics

Psoriasis and neurodermititis are only a few of the many skin conditions which not only cause itching and are very painful but also burden the soul. One of the most effective treatment methods that I have applied in my practice is the Balneo Phototherapy. Patients bathe in warm water which is enriched with original salt of the Dead Sea. During this treatment the patient is simultaneously treated with sun-like UV light.

The healing effects have been known for centuries. Especially the Dead Sea has been intensively scientifically examined. 

The water from the Dead Sea contains verifiably more calcium and magnesium ion with healing effects than ordinary saline. For this reason I treat my patients, when applying the Balneo Phototherapy – naturally with the latest developments in science and technology – solely with additives of the Dead Sea.

The saltwater mixture solves toxics from the skin and descales at the same time. The skin is more receptive for the specially filtered UV light which improves the regeneration of the skin. The Balneo Phototherapy also affects the metabolism and the blood circulation positively.

PS: Many patients of mine report back to me that they can really relax taking the bath and sometimes, even their painful muscle tensions are loosened and joint pains have been relieved.

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