Tel. +49 (0) 88 56 30 65

I’m easy to find. And so easy to reach.

Penzberg – a town located in the very beautiful Upper Bavaria and easily accessible  - is where I chose to open my practice. Why of all places here? Well, in my opinion, if you are dealing with health and beauty, you should also surround yourself with these specifications and your practice needs to be well reachable.

You can find me in Penzberg, Karlstraße 9. Of course there are plenty parking spaces.

From Munich coming by A95. From Garmisch likewise with A95. Coming from either Weilheim or Tegernsee you take the  B472. No journey takes longer than 35 minutes. (This is how long one often stands in a traffic jam in Munich or in other big cities and is usually irritated by the wasted time.)

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