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What should I advise patients who would like to have firm, wrinkle-free skin – but don’t want to have cosmetic surgery? Or if the patient already knows that hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin will not yield the desired results or if they strictly refuse these kinds of methods? 

Between you and me: The decision to undergo surgery is difficult. That’s a feeling I can sympathize with very well. Therefore, I am very happy to offer a non-invasive method of skin firming: Ultherapy. This is a nonsurgical way to lift, tone and tighten the skin making it appear younger using ultrasound technology. A method, that works deeply in the skin without damaging the tissue. And not just in the face, likewise on the neck, chin, and cleavage, on the upper arm and thighs. Wrinkles and crinkles? Saggy skin? Drooping eye lids? Saggy eyebrows? Saggy cheeks? Slackness of the area around the eyes? Creases around the mouth? Ultherapy can relieve all these problems. And it works without scarring or any down-time. 

There have already been more than 390,000 treatments worldwide

PS: US doctors, who I am in close contact with and who have worked with ultherapy, have revealed to me that this treatment is THE insider tip amongst the stars in Hollywood at the moment. Because the treatment is so effective.

And this is how ultherapy, the nonsurgical lifting works:

Prior to starting ultherapy, I mark the skin regions which are being treated – the eyes – or lip area, the forehead or the chin. Then I move the ultrasound probe on the affected skin area according to a pattern. At the same time, the sonogram shows me where and how deep the bundled ultrasound triggers the endogenous collagen formation and tightens the deep tissue layers and hence improves the elasticity of the skin.

The individual treatment areas of the ultherapy , which are stimulated to regenerate the skin by using the extremely focused ultrasound, are each densely aligned and approximately the size of a grain of rice.

The treatment follows an individual scheme at various depths (1,5 to 4,5 mm).

Here are the most important questions my patients have about ultherapy:

How long is one session?
Between 20 and 90 minutes. Depending on the complexity.

When can one see the first results of the treatment?
After three to six months, the skin is noticeably firmer and smoother. 

Besides the fact that the skin gets firmer, is there another visible and tangible treatment success?
Yes, the skin is considerably more elastic which is not achievable with a regular face lift. The results look very natural. By the way: The results of an already performed face lift can be improved with an ultherapy treatment.

How long does the strengthened collagen formation and the regeneration of the skin last?
The patients who had an ultherapy treatment a year ago, still have fresh, youthful collagen even if the skin aging is advancing. A refresher treatment can help here as well  to delay the aging process.

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