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In order that neither of my patients has to run from doctor to doctor to get all the help they need, I offer all my treatments under the same roof: Skin cancer screening, aesthetic medicine, allergology, general dermatology, laser medicine, Beauty For Men, operative dermatology and Beautiful Legs as well as Beauty For Teenagers. And as a patient you can rely on me for: Professional knowledge. Trust. Honesty. Time. These are the four important pillars on which I have based my work as a physician. Professional knowledge one may presume. Correct. But trust and honesty – on your side as well as on mine – are equally important. Then I can successfully help you and fulfill your wishes. 

Not to forget: Time. I refuse to handle my patients in a hurry. I am convinced, if I take the time for you and put myself in your situation, I can relate to you better – which in turn adds significantly to the favorable outcome of any treatment.

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