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One says, “true beauty comes from within.“ Surely, our inner attitude determines our demeanor and our aura. But a juvenile appearance, firm skin, a modelled body and full, shiny hair are like the icing on the cake.

Of course everyone has their own idea of how they would like to look. Just like you do, too. You know exactly which creases and wrinkles bother you and in what areas you would like to define and tighten the contours of your face and body. In order of fulfilling your wishes of a younger, more attractive appearance, I offer not only comprehensive expert knowledge and an honest consultation but also diverse treatment methods of the modern esthetic medicine. And of course - absolute discretion.

Some of my most effective treatment methods:

Botulinumtoxin-injections for skin relaxation by mimic wrinkles

Injections to enhance tissue volume (by wrinkles), for example Hyaluronic acid, 

Microdermabrasion for a smooth, rosy, firm and glowing complexion

Mesotherapy or Microneedling for a gentle rejuvenation and vitalization of face, neck, cleavage and hands but also to minimize hair loss

Microneedling, works against cellulite, stretch marks and scars

Chemical peeling  - acne, skin discoloration, skin rejuvenation , skin refinement and for a perfect glow.

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