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Allergies are a serious topic which is sadly underestimated by many physicians. They often believe that the persons concerned are oversensitive and hysterical. Hay fever for instance (medically: Rhinoconjunctivitis allergica), is often mistaken and dismissed for a simple cold. But: The sooner the triggering allergy is detected, the more successful one can treat it and prevent this condition from getting worse. And this is true for all allergies. 

If any of my patients would show only the merest sign, I would perform allergy tests that have been medically, scientifically established. The testing procedures which are coordinated with the needs of the patient provide precise evidence to what kind of an allergy it might be: Hay fever, food, animal hair, insect venom or even contact allergies.

Especially contact allergies, often provoked by nickel or cosmetic ingredients, should not be underestimated. Every allergic reaction of the body needs to be treated accordingly. 

I successfully use primarily scientifically proven medicines or the so called allergen immunotherapy.

Allergies are a serious topic – if you notice first signs: Have yourself tested for allergies. For the sake of your health.

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