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When our soul is aching, we cry. It is similar with our skin – when something is irritating it, an illness throws it out of balance, it reacts with redness, itchiness or severe dryness and scaling. For only healthy skin is beautiful. Clear. Firm. And rosy.

But what for example triggers eczema, rosacea, psoriasis or the very painful neurodermatitis and other diseases which on top of all also strain the overall wellbeing? 

How can these diseases be cured? Since modern medicine is familiar with over 3000 different skin disorders, it is vitally important to consult an experienced dermatologist who has a comprehensive professional knowledge and expertise and whose practice and technical equipment is up-to-date. Skin disorders are absolutely in need of precise care with various methods of treatment as medicines, UV radiation, ointments or specific therapies. In many cases there are several therapeutic options of which I would be happy to inform you about.

Only a qualified specialist can decide which therapeutic method is appropriate. Your skin will be grateful.  Your soul will too.

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