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Sun exposure, environmental influences, stress and emotional distress as well as hormonal changes leave their traces.  So does aging. Some left traces make the individual look more interesting and attractive because they tell of personal achievements and strength of character. Others make us look older than we are and could be signs of skin conditions or diseases. I could tell you now that there are tablets which help fight obvious scars, wrinkles, red vessels, brown spots on the skin and awkward warts. But there aren’t. What really helps for example, the outmost tissue-sparing laser medicine. When treated by an experienced dermatologist, modern lasers are the first choice in skin and hair problems. Lasers are also recently used in the treatment of nail fungus. Since the results are immediate, the effectiveness of the treatment and because there aren’t many sessions necessary. I could tell you now that most sessions are completely painless, but that isn’t always true. For the most part the pain is only briefly and therefore hardly noticeable. In all other cases, highly modern cooling systems are used which virtually guarantee the absence of pain and which make an additional anesthesia unnecessary.

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