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A few days ago I read an interesting US study that stated, attractive managers with a full head of hair and a juvenile, dynamic face earn more than their colleagues.  And – what really surprised me - when a good-looking CEO starts in a new company, the business’ stocks go up by nearly 0, 50 points. And that on the first day of work! 

An attractive, youthful appearance is as important for men as for women these days. It has been this way for quite some time but now scientifically proven. The modern esthetic medicine has supported this process vehemently. For this reason I developed the Beauty-for-Men-Treatment line. It is especially geared towards the needs of men. My  Beauty-for-Men-Treatments can fight wrinkles which can make you seem older than you feel. They fight a saggy contour which make you look tired and stressed which doesn’t correspond with your dynamic, gripping personality. They improve grey skin, wrinkles, thin hair and hair loss.

Being successful – professionally and privately – incorporates personality and skill as well as the coinciding appearance.

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