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Neither one of us is flawless. Regardless, of how we might yearn for it. I have good news for you: There are many shorter but exceedingly efficient treatments which can help you reach your goal of having soft, smooth and healthy skin in your face and the rest of your body. I use the most modern equipment in my practice, like the laser devices which work with bundled, high energy light. With this method it is possible removing unwanted skin alterations virtually pain free. The same goes for non-malignant changes (like senile warts), which can be removed easily and without any complications when using this esthetic correction method. These appliances can also partially be used for skin changes, where the removal is a medical necessity. Although here I emphasize, how important it is having a histological analysis supporting the treatment. Of course part of my daily practice work is the professional removal of skin alterations of any kind. Overall outpatient surgery constitutes one of the main focuses of my work.

Perfect flawlessness does not exist. It appears unappealing and artificial. But less than perfect flawlessness is healthy and appears natural and exciting.

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