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Growing-up is great, but not always easy. Next to the obvious things that burden one’s life and troubles one’s soul from approximately 14 to 18 year, there is also acne.  Many teenagers I help confide in me how much they suffer under their bad complexion. Boys and girls alike. There aren’t any differences. 

Often the teenagers try a number of different remedies before coming to me. They wait quite a while believing, their complexion will clear up on its own. In vain. Frequently they follow their friends’ advice, where allegedly the treatments XY helped – but by doing that, make everything worse. Unattractive scarring can be the result.

What really helps blemished skin is a visit to the dermatologist. I can determine which acne disorder you are suffering from. There are many different kinds. And I, as the professional, know how to treat each individual type of acne. Through a special method, based on the individual needs and expectations of the single patient, I can help tackle this problem permanently.

By the way: Acne is the most common dermatological disorder. On average, 70 - 95 % of all teenagers worldwide show signs of acne lesions.

Having clear skin is beautiful, makes you attractive and boosts self-confidence.

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