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Our legs and feet carry us throughout life, take us to our families, to the office and in our vacation, to the sandy beaches. They are highly stressed – which is often visible. At the same time everybody longs for beautiful, flawless and healthy legs. But what to do against spider veins for example which are amongst other things, caused by a lack of exercise, weak connective tissue, disorders of the venous system or hormonal changes? The method which I use most frequently to reduce spider veins is sclerotherapy. This by the way has been proven through scientific research to be the most successful method and hence seen as “the golden standard”. Only for the finest vessels the vessel laser is applied.

Beautiful, flawless, smooth legs, naturally that implies: No unwanted hair.

Shave? Epilate? Wax? All of these can help, but only short-time and usually these techniques are paired with inflammation, ingrown hair, pain and other unpleasant side effects.

The ideal method of long-lasting hair removal and in turn having legs as smooth as silk, is via laser. So far my patients are all thrilled by this, likewise, simple and effective means of treatment. Although several treatments are necessary: Once applied – enduring happiness.

Regarding “beautiful legs”, we should also focus on well-groomed feet - with healthy nails. Unfortunately, one can very easily catch a nail fungus in a public swimming pool or a sauna. In this case I recommend: Do not wait until the nails are discolored and brittle. Schedule an appointment after the first indication.  The new laser therapy allows a gentle nail fungus treatment without any visible damage to the treated nail or skin, plus leaving no serious side effects, as you otherwise may have when taking tablets. This method strains amongst other things, the liver unnecessarily.  On top of that, the modern laser therapy is nearly painless. And what is more (this point is important merely for women), you can subsequently paint your nails with your favorite nail polish.

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